One-to-One Classroom

With Office 365, educators can reinvent the learning process for their students. Using Microsoft OneNote and Office 365, ROI Technologies can help your school implement a paperless classroom, giving students the ability to have textbooks, worksheets, tests, etc. right at their fingertips. No more lost assignments, no more "my dog ate my homework".

Whether at school or home, students will be able to work with their peers and the teacher through a collaborative workspace built right into Microsoft OneNote. As long as the student's device is connected to the internet, data is transferred in "real time". If there is no internet connection, any changes made to the student's OneNote will be automatically synced the next time the device connects to the internet.

ROI Technologies also offers the tools and expertise to integrate your school's student information system (SIS) into Office 365, which means no duplicate data entry. As a student moves from grade to grade, the SIS integration keeps the student's record in Office 365 up-to-date.

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Create Your Digital Classroom

Microsoft Classroom

Included with Office 365 Education, Microsoft Classroom allows for a single homepage to manage all aspects of the classroom. Teachers can create and grade assignments, as well as collaborate with other educators. Students can see all of their classes and keep better track of their assignments, as well as work with other students on projects and classwork.

OneNote Notebooks

Get rid of paper assignments and printed class materials. With OneNote, teachers and students can collaborate, present, organize, and maintain all of their homework, notes, and classroom materials. With digital ink capabilities, students can take notes in a way that makes sense to the student, and not just type or write words onto a piece of paper. Homework assignemnts can also be distributed and completed inside of OneNote, making it easier to track and grade so that all assignments are completed on time.


Work on projects together from anywhere with the collaboration tools available in Office 365 Education. In conjunction with Microsoft Classroom, students can work together on group projects and assignments using chat, video messaging, and Office Online. Students can create a single version of their document in Word, then add, edit, and track all updates made without having to combine multiple versions from each student.

School Data Sync

School IT Administrators and faculty members can easily send data from their Student Information System (SIS) to Office 365. With School Data Sync, it is now possible to automate the creation online classrooms as well as both teacher and student accounts. Microsoft School Data Sync works with just about any SIS, allowing teachers to spend more time planning lessons and less time troubleshooting student access to online resources.